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Insurance and Payments

I have private medical insurance, what do I need to do?

If you are insured, please refer to your insurance documentation as you will probably need to arrange a GP referral before booking a consultation with Mr Maheson. Please contact your insurance company prior to making any arrangements for treatment to ensure you validate your insurance.

I do not have private health insurance but I want to pay for myself...

If you choose to pay for treatment yourself, the cost of diagnostic tests (blood tests/x-rays/MRI scans) will be charged separately by Spire Cardiff Hospital. You can obtain a quote for surgery on a fixed price package from Spire Cardiff Hospital which will include the consultant, hospital and anaesthetist fees. You will be required to pay this before you come in to hospital for your operation or on the day of admission if by credit/debit card or building society cheque.

If you want information on obtaining a loan for an operation, visit the Spire Healthcare website.

What is included in the price?

If you are paying for your own surgery, the self-funding price will not include the initial consultation so you will need to pay this in addition to any fixed price quoted. The price does however include a follow up appointment after your operation.