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From Helen Trevor Davies

Abergavenny, Dec 2013

After my first consultation with Mr Maheson I had implicit trust in him. He explained very clearly my medical diagnosis and the implications of surgical intervention or not. He referred me to his website and gave me additional information to research. In this way I felt a partnership was being established. This was very important. I decided to go ahead and have a hip replacement operation by the anterior method which promised a quick recovery. I was impressed that a date for the operation was offered within a few weeks.

Mr Maheson visited me the morning of the operation and also the next day when I was later discharged from hospital. I had a follow up appointment with Mr Maheson 8 weeks later. By this time, I was walking unaided and free of pain. I could see Mr Maheson had been meticulous and precise in carrying out the operation as he showed me the x-rays. I appreciated Mr Maheson's openness and care as he spent time explaining the precise alignment of my hips and how carefully the new hip had been inserted so that both legs were the same length.

All the way through Mr Maheson gave good advice which I was careful to follow: "Take it easy; don't overdo it". Throughout, I was very well cared for - one example was that pre-operatively, I was covered by a hot blanket after the anaesthetic was administered; this happened again in the recovery room post-operatively. I found this very nurturing and I felt 'warm and cosy' as I recovered from the anaesthetic.

I was introduced to the physiotherapist the afternoon after the operation; I was taught how to get out of bed with the use of a zimmer frame and shown how to go to the toilet. The next day I was taught how to get up and down stairs using crutches. I have had several sessions of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy and this service has been excellent too.

I feel very appreciative that I have had such help to regain my mobility, free now of osteoarthritic pain. I am able to live life normally, I am enjoying swimming again, gardening and I am building up to walks in the country. The whole experience has been life enhancing.