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From Ingrid Wilkey, Llantwit Major

My AMIS hip replacement was carried out at the Spire Hospital Cardiff in August 2011. I hadn't heard of this type of surgery before Mr Maheson explained it to me.

Prior to surgery, my arthritis had deteriorated very badly and very quickly. The pain was severe and consequently every aspect of day to day life was affected.

After surgery, my care at the Spire Hospital was excellent. Amazingly, I was completely pain free immediately. Recovery moved along well and being at home was easy – no raised chairs, bed or toilet seat etc!

I also had several physiotherapy sessions at the hospital over the following weeks. The exercises were simple and very effective.

Within 4.5 weeks, I was driving the car and after 5 weeks did not need the crutches (unless walking outside on uneven ground – just one crutch or walking stick for safety).

Mobility and movement increased and improved steadily and permanently. At all times I was pain-free and still am!

In 10 days' time I will be back at the Spire Hospital for my other AMIS hip replacement and feeling perfectly confident of the result.