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From Liz Reynolds

Cardiff, April 2015

I underwent an anterior right hip replacement at Spire Hospital Cardiff on 11th March 2015. I had been recommended to Mr Maheson by a physiotherapist at DTR Clinic who said he was 'the best in the business' for hip replacement and that he also favoured the less invasive anterior approach.

I'm a fairly fit 69 year old and do a lot of Nordic walking. I work as a volunteer Nordic walking instructor for Age Cymru, showing individuals how they too can keep fit and active using this technique of walking. Once individuals have mastered the technique, I take groups out walking.

I was giving courses and taking out groups until mid-November 2014 when my hip started giving me more pain and discomfort. My osteoarthritis had deteriorated very badly and quickly. By early December I had begun to limp slightly and it got steadily worse so that by early February I had a marked limp, was experiencing a great deal of pain and discomfort and just doing a small shop was a terrible ordeal.

My friends and family were amazed at how quickly I became mobile following surgery. On the afternoon of my operation I was walking using a Zimmer frame and on the following day was walking with double crutches up and down stairs. I was discharged that same day and that night walked up two flights of stairs to my attic bedroom!

Recovery afterwards has been good. My wound has healed well and physiotherapy sessions with simple well explained exercises have helped me gain more mobility. After one week I was using just one crutch in the house, but two if out and about. I saw Mr Maheson 4 weeks postoperatively and he was very pleased with my recovery and progress. Shortly afterwards I discarded both crutches. Although he said I was able to start driving in week 4, I didn't feel I had sufficient control in my bad leg, however by 5.5 weeks I did feel confident enough and started driving again.

My physiotherapist also advised me to start walking with my Nordic walking poles, even on rough terrain and again I started doing short walks at 5.5 weeks without any problem and joined my weekly Nordic walking group again. It was wonderful to get back my mobility and I hope to get as fit as I was prior to my hip problem.

I'm extremely pleased with how things have gone and was very impressed with the care I received at Spire. I would highly recommend Mr Maheson and should I need my other hip replacing, would contact him immediately.