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From Lynne Williams

August 2010 Right Hip Replacement within NHS

Between June and August the operation was cancelled 3 times at short notice.

Transferred to care of Mr Maheson and promptly underwent surgery.

Medical and nursing care at Llandough Hospital was good.

Spent 3 nights in hospital.

Recovery went as planned but needed quite a lot of help at first with everyday tasks e.g. dressing, cooking, showering, picking things up etc.

Used crutch or crutches for at least 6 weeks.

Did not drive for 6 weeks. Felt very dependant on my friends and family to take me shopping and to appointments.

May 2013 – Left Anterior Hip Replacement at Spire Hospital Cardiff

From first appointment with Mr Maheson at Spire through to discharge the experience was timely, efficient and professional.

Spent 1 night in hospital

Walked with aid on afternoon of surgery.

Able to walk to bathroom that night.

Day 1 post op walked and climbed stairs with crutches, discharged that evening.

Day 2 post op showered and dressed independent, could pick things up from floor and put my shoes on and made welsh cakes!

Day 7 post op attended physio appointment using single crutch, crutch no longer required in house.

Day 11 post op dressing removed. Wound very good and smaller than previous op.

Day 14 post op the physio advised me only to use crutch if walking a distance and that I could drive.

The recovery after this operation was less painful, facilitating much quicker mobility and independence. By the 6 week follow up appointment, I was walking usual distances, driving and had returned to a normal life. Friends have been impressed with my recover and I certainly recommend the anterior hip replacement.

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