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From Philip Crozier

Abertillery, May 2017

During June 2016, I started experiencing severe pain in my right hip. I saw a consultant and had x-rays taken. After the x-rays I was told I had early to moderate osteoarthritis in both hips. The pain came and went over the next few months. In December 2016, the consultant stated that he thought I may have bursitis. The pain continued, off and on in 2017 but was becoming more severe at more regular intervals.

In February 2017 I had an x-ray guided injection under local anaesthetic into my right hip. This eased the pain considerably for 5 days after which the pain came back. For quite a few months the pain had a serious effect upon my quality of life and my ability to sleep. I saw the consultant again at the end of March and explained that the injection had only eased the pain for 5 days. He stated that he thought I should now have a hip replacement. I asked if he did the anterior hip replacement method and he said he didn't.

In 2016, I had read an article in the health section of the Daily Mail regarding Mr Maheson and the anterior hip replacement method. I decided that I would see if Mr Maheson would carry out this procedure on my right hip. I contacted Mr Maheson's PA Sharon Bateman and she arranged for me to see Mr Maheson on 4th April. I had to contact Sharon a few times over the next few weeks. She could not have been more polite, more professional or more helpful. She is a real credit to Mr Maheson.

I saw Mr Maheson on 4th April and had a consultation with him, explaining my problems and what had happened over the previous 10 months. Mr Maheson sent me for some x-rays and told me to go back to see him as soon as I had the x-rays. I returned back to Mr Maheson less than 1 hour later and he had looked at my x-rays. He told me that at present he would not do anything with my hip as I had a far more serious problem that needed dealing with. He said that I had a growth on my femur and he would arrange for me to have MRI and CT scans done so that he would have a better understanding of exactly what was going on.

I had the MRI and CT scans and saw Mr Maheson again on 25th April. Mr Maheson explained that I had a rare form of bone cancer. He stated that this was only the sixth time he had seen this type of cancer in 25 years of being a consultant. He explained that there were only 2 places in the UK that could treat this type of cancer, one in London and the other being the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham. He asked me if I would like to be referred to Birmingham and I said I would.

I cannot say how impressed I was with Mr Maheson as a consultant. He is very professional, very friendly and he is someone who is at the very top of his profession. He is a genuinely nice gentleman who's manner and approach can only be described as first class. I just wish I had gone to see him much earlier. I would recommend Mr Maheson and the Spire Hospital to anyone.