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From Preston Shalton

Cardiff, November 2018

I had a left hip replacement (ASR resurfacing) with Mr Maheson 14 years ago, when I was 54 years old. The operatioin was life changing. Although there was some pain and discomfort in the couple of weeks after the operation, I was able to regain fitness and return to an active sporting life, which previously had been curtained by my hip problem. Within 6 months of the operation, I spent 2 weeks skiing in the Rockies and within a year successfully completed a L'Etape du Tour 200km cycle event, that finished on top of Alpe d'Huez.

This year the arthritis in my right hip got to the point where I needed to see a consultant and I returned to Mr Maheson. He advised me that I needed a new right hip and that an Exeter hip using the anterior approach would be the best option. He explained the advantages of the new procedure, which uses minimal invasive surgery, enabling a faster recovery.

I was very optimistic before the operation as the new procedure was reputed to lead to a 50% improvement on recovery times. In practice, I was astonished how well everything went. Finding it difficult to imagine it could have been any better. I spent only one night in hospital and experienced relatively little pain and discomfort on returning home, which has resulted in rapidly progressing to full mobility and being able to drive etc. In my experience, 50% better is a bit of a conservative estimate!

Many thanks to Mr Maheson and his team for sorting my hip out again, in addition for the pioneering work that they have undertaken to perfect this new procedure. From first-hand experience, it is a remarkable improvement. Hip replacements for me have been life changing, but to achieve this with relatively little pain and a much shorter return to mobility is a truly remarkable innovation.

Personal tips to make the best of your new hip - I would suggest you engage a really good physio (you don't need many sessions) to guide you into a fitness routine to help you quickly and safely regain strength and full mobility. Finally, tracksuit bottoms with elasticated waist are significantly more comfortable after your op than trousers or jeans with a belt, which tend to sit uncomfortably on the wound.