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From Raymond Lovett from Cardiff

The minimally invasive hip replacement I had in December 2011, performed by Mr Maheson was a remarkable experience. I was so surprised to be able to walk immediately without discomfort only pain in the incision which was to be expected. This did not last and was controlled well with strong analgesia for the 48 hours I was in Spire Hospital Cardiff.

The post-operative treatment with the cooling jacket, which kept the swelling to a minimum, was very effective, on comparison with my friends who did not have this,

I was able to walk with two crutches for five days, then one crutch when I was out doors but around the house I walked unaided. Within three weeks, I was walking the dog short distances.

I was back in work after two months, digging the garden and walking the coastal path in West Wales in August.

I am now so pleased at the success of the surgery, I will be having my other hip replaced in December 2012.